Springfield Chess ClubResults

December 28, 2019: Six way tie for first! Results
July 20, 2019: Josh Fazekas wins tournament with 3½ out of 4 Results
October 13, 2018: Greg Whitlock sweeps 4-0 at National Chess Day event Results
March 3, 2018: Daniel Garrett sweeps 4-0 at well-attended tournament Results
October 14, 2017: Bernard Parham sweeps National Chess Day event Results
March 18, 2017: Adam Chambers goes 4-0 at tournament Results
October 1, 2016: Jeff Cowhick, Tian Lu Peng, Luke Ye all finish with 3½ out of 4. Results
November 7, 2015: James Davis wins tourney with score of 3-1. Results
March 14, 2015: James Healy, Bill Smythe tie with 3-1. Results
October 4-5, 2014: Pete Karagianis and Tian Lu Peng tie with 4½ out of 5. Results
March 29, 2014: Pete Karagianis and Tian Lu Peng both post 4-0 scores. Results
September 21, 2013: Kyle Miles sweeps 4-0 at Douglas UMC. Results
October 6, 2012: Matt Cremeens and Evan Gresen tied for first in a field of 10. Results
May 19, 2012: Anshul Adve swept the tournament at First Congregational Church. Results
November 5, 2011: Turnout was lighter than usual. Gary Blickhan won with 3½. Results
September 24, 2011: Jonathan Bonwell scored 11 out of 15 to win this one. (David Long scored 13 out of 15 but was playing as a houseman.) Results
July 23, 2011: There was a two-way tie for first, Chase Walbert and Kyle Mayhugh scored perfect 4-0's. Results
February 5, 2011: Three-way tie for first. Matt Cremeens, Pete Karagianis, Rodney Vaughn each score 3½. Results
August 28, 2010: Jared Silsby prevailed against 11 other players at the Mechanicsburg Masonic Lodge. Results
May 22, 2010: 6 players attended our free quick chess event at the library. It was a triple round robin. Doug Van Buskirk won 14 out of 15. Results
April 24, 2010:We got 30 players again! Doug Van Buskirk won with a 4-0 score. Results
November 14, 2009: 23 players tried out a new site, the Anchor Boat Club. Brian Thomas and Victor Hong went 3-0.Results
June 27, 2009: Turnout continued its encouraging upward trend, reaching 30. Yue Xu won with a perfect 4-0 score. Results
September 20, 2009: 17 chess players came to Carpenters Local 16 to play in the SCC's first tournament in nine months. Martin Franek won the tournament with 3½ out of 4 points. Results
June 7, 2008: The SCC sent a four-man team to Jacksonville on June 7 to participate in a team tournament hosted by the Jacksonville Chess Club at Illinois College. We scored 8 out of a possible 12, taking first place! Our team consisted of David Long, Matt Cremeens, David Bononi, and James Ruth. Results
See our club results history from 1991 here.

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