Springfield Chess ClubJoining the Club

We appreciate your interest in joining the Springfield Chess Club. We are not able to process memberships over the internet. However, we have a membership form you may print out and mail in or bring to a club meeting.

Annual adult dues are currently $12 per year. Scholastic dues are currently $5 per year. Adult memberships are for calendar years and expire on December 31. Scholastic memberships are for academic years, and expire on June 30. If you are a new member, your first year's dues are pro-rated based on the amount of time remaining in the current year (instructions below.) You should receive a membership card with your first newsletter.

Scholastic membership is restricted to those enrolled in primary or secondary school. Scholastic members receive all club benefits except they are not entitled to a vote at club business meetings.

Download Form 8: printable SCC adult membership form in PDF format
Download Form 7: printable SCC scholastic membership form in PDF format

Instructions for Form 8 and Form 7

Fill out the fields on the top of the form. Indicate whether or not you wish to be added to the SCC's emailing list (described here). We no longer publish the roster in the newsletter.

First-time SCC members have their first year's dues pro-rated to expire at the end of the year. Use this table to determine first year's dues for a new member:

In the month of.... a new adult member pays.... a new scholastic member pays....
January $12 $3
February $11 $3
March $10 $2
April $9 $2
May $8 $1
June $7 $1
July $6 $5
August $5 $5
September $4 $5
October $3 $5
November $2 $4
December $1 $4

If you wish, you can join for more than one year by adding one or more additional full year's dues.

Write any additional information you may have in the blank space at the bottom of the form. Mail it with your dues check to the address on the form, or bring it to any club officer at a weekly meeting.