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March 2018 Composite Photo

Chess tournament March 3, 2018, final round

October 2017

Chess tournament in progress, October 14, 2017

Tournament winners

March 2017 tournament winners

Doug and Leonard

Doug and Leonard, March 2017

March 2017

Tournament in progress, March 18, 2017

Douglas Church

Chess tournament at Douglas United Methodist Church, September 2013

More Union Chess

Chess tournament at union hall, June 27, 2009

Union Chess

Chess tournament at union hall, September 20, 2008

Team Springfield

Team Franklin/Illinois College

Team Jacksonville 

 Teams at the Western Illinois Team Tournament in Jacksonville, June 7, 2008

Our Fearless Leader

Bughouse game in progress at Tom's retirement party, July 2007


The first (and so far, only) Land of Lincoln Open in Hopedale, August 13, 2005

David Mote Memorial

A tribute to the late three-time club champion David Mote (does anyone know who drew this?)

Illinois Class

Illinois Class

The Illinois Class Championships, November 29, 2003

Chess Tournament

A chess tournament, February 9, 2002

2001 Championship

The SCC Championship, September 1, 2001

2001 tournament winners

Trophy winners David Mote, Richard Kujoth, Brian Altman, and Tom Knoedler

Club Meeting

A club meeting at the old Legion Hall downtown, August 1999

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