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Daniel Garrett wins tournament with 4-0 score - results page

Join us every Wednesday in the White Oaks Mall food court, and on the second and fourth Friday of each month at the Barnes & Noble Bookstore Cafe, corner of Veterans Pkwy. and Wabash Ave.

The Springfield Chess Club offers both weekly and semimonthly meetings for casual chess play, and USCF-rated tournaments for serious chess play. Meetings are free and open to the public. Come join us some night and play some chess!

Membership in the club costs $8 per calendar year, or $5 per academic year for scholastic members. All memberships are  pro-rated for new members who join part way through the year. Benefits of membership include a quarterly newsletter and a discount on entering our tournaments, however, membership is not required to come to our meetings or to play in our tournaments.

The Springfield Chess Club organizes USCF-rated tournaments every few months. The usual format of the tournaments is 4 rounds with Swiss system pairings. Entry fee is $20. There is a $3 discount for advance entry, usually this means by the Wednesday before the tournament. There is also a $2 discount for members of the Springfield Chess Club.

USCF membership is required to play in any USCF rated tournaments. Dues vary, adult dues are currently $49 for one year. Illinois Chess Association membership is encouraged but not required.

Some special tournaments have completely different rules, costs, and schedules, so please be sure to read pre-tournament publicity before entering. 

Occasionally, club members will organize a small, impromptu tournament, often quick-rated.

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